Ambulance Service

A common misconception is that ambulances are used only in "emergency" situations but much of the work done by ambulance service providers is in a non-emergency environment. MedFleet is staffed with Critical Care Paramedics, Florida State Certified Paramedics and EMTs, as well as First Responders and Non-Medical Stretcher Attendants. Thus providing our community with a complete range of staff fully trained and capable of properly attending to any emergency or non-emergency need.

We mainly provide transportation for patients who need to be moved from hospital to hospital or other facilities (interfacility). We also serve as a mutual aid partner to our local county fire departments, ensuring they have back up resources in times of high call volume. In addition, we provide ALS and BLS ambulance medical standby for sporting events, 5Ks and other special events.

If you believe you or someone you are caring for is experiencing a life threatening medical emergency, you should always call 911 immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions