Stretcher Service

Stretcher service is appropriate for clients confined t a bed or unable to sit upright in a wheelchair for a sustained time period but who do not need immediate medical attention or monitoring during transport.

MedFleet trained professionals will transfer the client to and from the stretcher, secure them in the vehicle, and ensure their comfort and safety throughout the transport to their destination. This mode of transportation is commonly used for hospital discharges, hospice services, doctor appointments, and outpatient diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitiatoin services. MedFleet also frequently transports clients by stretcher to the airport or to destinations out of the area.

Our drivers undergo thorough background screening and are trained extensively in safe driving, customer service, disability sensitivity, proper lifting and transferring techniques, stretcher securement procedures, and much more. All drivers are certified in first aid and CPR, and many of them are certified First Responders.

Same day services are available, but we recommend ordering your service in advance whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions